A Must Have Step by Step Guide in Bathing Your Baby

Handling a newborn can be like an intimidating task, especially if they’re your first. (Perhaps an aunty/ sister helping out? Expected Mom?)

Babies' skin is different from adults in terms of structure, function and composition, hence it is very important to understand the basics like how to keep your baby delicate skin nourished as well as the products you should be using on your baby. 

So, to save you from waves of panic and worries, here are some of the ultimate guides in bathing your baby.

 Step 1: When to bathe your baby?

In general, your newborn will not have many opportunities to get dirty so daily baths are sometimes unnecessary. However, always try to avoid giving them a bath if they are hungry or tired as this can affect their sleeping patterns. 

As babies grow, a warm bath can help set up a bedtime routine, so mommy out there can introduce bath time as a nightly thing if your baby really enjoys the experience. 

The new BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash has added calming scent into their products that will optimize sleep quality. It is clinically & laboratory tested that the calming scent in the BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash significantly gives babies higher quality of sleep. 

Step 2 : Where to set up?

To avoid awkward positions, you can wash your baby in the kitchen sink or in a small plastic baby bath. Try to avoid bathing your baby in windy or cold areas as baby skin is delicate and easily catches cold.

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Step 3 : What to prepare?

It is important to prep as your little sunshine will need your complete attention for every moment of their bath time. 

Always make sure the room is nice and warm, around 24℃ is ideal as babies lose body heat rapidly/ easily. 

Get yourself two towels, a clean nappy, some fresh clothes and a gentle cleanser like the BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash. It's ultra gentle and mild to skin. Essential and natural ingredients like Oubaku which has antibacterial properties and Peach Leaf - a natural antioxidant to fight issues such as wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

You might also need a gentle moisturizer or powder like BZU BZU Cooling Baby Lotion or BZU BZU Cooling Baby Powder post bath to ensure your baby skin is cool and protected. 

Step 5 : Washing their face

Before putting them in the bath, hold your baby on your knee and use a fresh cotton ball and warm water to wash their face. Gently wipe around each eye from the inner corner outward and swab around the mouth, under the chin and behind the ears (but avoid putting anything in the ears).

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Step 6 : Washing their hair

Support your baby over the bowl/ basin, pump out 1 - 2 times of BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash out (depending on the size of your baby) and with the mix of plain water, gently massage their scalp with the pads of your fingers - don't be afraid to gently wash the fontanelles (soft spots) on the top of the head. 

However, you can skip this step if your newborn doesn't respond well to the feeling of water on their head.

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Step 7 : How to place them in the bath?

Your newborn's delicate skin PH-balance may be affected in the bath, leaving them more vulnerable to dry skin conditions.

So, add in 1 - 2 pumps of BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash to the water before placing your baby in the bath. Besides fighting issue such as wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone, the Peach Leaf in BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash heals to calm irritation, boost hydration and most importantly provides a non-greasy, fast absorbed hydration to help regulate your baby skin’s natural oil production. 

You'll need a stable grip and position, so make sure you are comfortable. Lower your baby gently into the bowl or bath using one hand to hold their upper arm and support their head and shoulders. Use your other hand to gently wash them.

Step 8 : Washing the upper body

Always ensure to keep their head out of the water, pay special attention to your baby's hands and neck (where there are the most skin creases) and clean between the fingers and toes. Wash their torso and don't be afraid to clean any crust around the umbilical cord carefully if your baby still has a stump.

Continually swish water on your child gently without splashing to keep them warm. The BZU BZU head to Toe Baby Wash is pH balanced and tear free so no worries mummies. BZU BZU Head to Toe Baby Wash is clinically & dermatologist tested to suit normal to sensitive skin.

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Step 9 : Washing the nappy area

Be very gentle with your baby's private parts. Wash your baby's bottom and genital area with warm water. Dry very carefully, including between the skin folds.

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Step 10 : Dry them off

Place your baby on a warm towel while you pat them dry with another, dabbing between the folds and taking care not to rub their skin (as their skin is super delicate). You can then put on the BZU BZU Cooling Baby Powder onto your baby’s bum before putting on a fresh nappy to prevent nappy rash. BZU BZU Cooling Baby Lotion to keep their skin soft and silky. 

Lastly, finish off with some warm cotton clothes and you and your baby are ready for some snooze time.