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75,000 Disposal Medical Kids Masks Distributed to Underprivileged Children in Need

With the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, by now majority of Malaysians may have been forced to start new routines and adapt to what we have included in our daily vocabulary, the ‘new normal’. One of the most striking lifestyle changes resulting from the pandemic is the mandatory use of face masks in grocery stores, restaurants, schools and other public places, for by wearing a mask, especially when near others, it may slow and eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

While it may be an imperative measure to contain the virus, some may find this a challenge to bear the extra costs of face masks in the household, especially for underprivileged families and groups who see this as an extra cost of burden, as not everyone may be able to afford such opportunity with some facing unfortunate circumstances due to the pandemic. 

Fully aware of this situation, BZU BZU Malaysia, an established family care brand is strong on their mission that children, regardless of their background are to be protected and safe in their environment, and BZU BZU is adamant to elevate the welfare of these children and protect them from any respiratory illness by contributing over 75,000 pieces of kids’ disposal medical masks to the residents of various organisations, namely The Salvation Army’s Children Home and Boys’ Home in Ipoh, The Salvation Army’s Children Home in Penang, Refugee families in Klang Valley, Malaysian B40 families in Melaka and Rumah Perlindungan Al-Nasuha.



Raphael Jiang, Chief Executive Office of BZU BZU Malaysia said that through this initiative, they want to let these children know that they too deserve fair opportunities and affirmative action, and they are not alone in this world fighting this battle themselves. 

“Children are already vulnerable little souls – they may not understand the current world that we live in now and feeling helpless. As a citizen of our country, protecting kids from harm and keeping them safe and healthy seems a simple place to start to bring assurance and emotional care to others. We want to play our part to the community to keep them safe from dangers and illnesses, but also allow them to be able to enjoy the childhood that they still can have. Together, we stay strong and battle this pandemic,” said Raphael Jiang.



 Specially designed for kids, BZU BZU’s Kids Disposable Medical Masks is a medical-grade face mask that offers 3-layer protection against bacterial, dust, droplets and micro particles causing allergy – providing a perfect fit with easy breathing features. BZU BZU Malaysia contributed these face masks in partnership with The Salvation Army, a non-profit organisation serving the underprivileged community in Malaysia without discrimination in providing residential homes for children and the elderly, family support services, day cares, a refugee help centre and emergency relief services in times of crisis.

BZU BZU also donated the masks to other orphanages and homes that housed these vulnerable children and may have financial difficulties in this period of time. 

“We salute these organisations that are providing a sanctuary for these children without any judgement in offering them access to the care needed to live a life of opportunity. We want to play our part to help them shelter the less fortunate – to protect and care for these otherwise forgotten children in the same way we would for our own,” exclaimed Raphael Jiang.

BZU BZU Malaysia is constantly striving to promote a healthy life for babies, kids as well as the families by creating a personal care range to nurture them well and ensure that they are safe from harm.

 “BZU (pronounced as ‘Bee-Zoo’) is short for ‘Bisou’ – “a loving kiss”, expressing the meaning of a warm, loving kiss from mother to child. We appreciate this pure moment that is deserving of every child out there no matter the background they come from, and we hope to share our kindness and warmest love to these orphans and underprivileged children through this initiative.”

 The BZU BZU’s Kids Disposable Medical Masks is now available for RM3.50 per pack at selected Watsons, Big Pharmacy, Multicare Pharmacy, Mega Kulim Pharmacy, Manjaku and their official online store at Shopee and Lazada.